Nature Connectedness Symposium

In order to prevent the further loss of biodiversity and nature, the increase of nature-friendly behaviour in people plays a central role. According to the latest scientific insights, we should increase nature-friendly behaviour by establishing a deeper relationship between humans and nature; or by increasing our Nature Connectedness. But how can we achieve this and apply it effectively in environmental education projects?

This subject is of great importance to Silence of the Bees for our future educational projects. We would like to share our latest insights with our audience. That is why we organized an online Nature Connectedness Symposium on 19th May 2021.
We invited three renowned international speakers to share their knowledge about Nature Connectedness. Their presentations provided insights into 1) Nature Connectedness in conventional (environmental) education, 2) how effective interventions can create a deeper bond between humans and nature and 3) what role arts can play in this.

You can review all three presentations by our guests in the videos below as well as the introductory presentation

  1. Short introduction & presentation by Arjen Strijkstra (explaining the background of Silence of the Bees and inducement for Nature Connectedness)
  2. Presentation by Siegmar Otto (Nature Connectedness in envirronmental education – Knowledge alone is not enough)
  3. Presentation by Danielle Lachance (What do we know about Nature Connectedness and how to foster it)
  4. Presentation by T.S. Anna (Arts & Nature Connectedness – A plea for not knowing)