Youth Symposium

Children are the conservationists of the future; they are the generation that will have to deal with the loss of biodiversity and nature. Letting children participate in the discussion about these themes, with their insights and experiences, can lead to new policy development for environmental conservation.

Silence of the Bees wants to let children think about biodiversity and nature in their environment in a fun and challenging way. This international Youth Symposium offered primary school children at the primary school ‘de  Trije’ in Ferwert the opportunity to make their voices heard about these topics. During this afternoon, the development of a 10-point-action-plan was central. Beforehand, the children were introduced to these themes through two workshops, enabling them to share their insights with us. This 10-point plan can be considered as input from children for the new environmental law 2022 and was handed over „online“ to our guest Douwe Hoogland, Deputy PvdA Fryslân.

The Youth Symposium took place on Wednesday 19 May from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm at the primary school de Trije in Ferwert.

Below you can find the 10-point-nature-plan that was established by the children and some photo impressions of the class during the symposium.